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Track Components, Rail and OTM

UNITRAC manufactures and sells high-quality materials needed for railroad projects. Our commitment to supplying a diverse product line to meet industry and specification requirements allows us to be a single source provider of quality rail materials.

Download the complete Track Components Section (PDF)

  New Rail
  • 115-lb. AREMA Rail
  • 132-lb. AREMA Rail
  • 136-lb. AREMA Rail
Transition Rails

Undercut Stock Rails

Guard Rails
  • U69 Guard Rails
  • Tee-Rail per AREMA 504
  • Hook Flange Guard Rails
    • Design 750
    • Design 751
    • Design 752
  • Switch Guard Rails
    • Model 755
    • Model 755-G
    • Model FM
Insulated Rail Joints
Relay Ties and New Ties
  • New & Relay Ties
  • Switch Ties
  • Steel Ties
    • T-4
    • T-5
    • T-6
    • T-9
  • Landscape Ties
  • Tie Plugs
Track Bar Joints
  Track Bars & Joints
  • Angle Bars
  • Joint Bars
  • Bridge Spacer Bars
  • Compromise Joint Bars
  • Insulated Joints
  • Factory Bonded Joints
  • Bridge Expansion Joints
Track Fasteners
  Rail Anchors
  • Channel Lock Drive
  • Unit Drive on
  • Unit Snap on
  Rail Clips - available in Insulated & Non-Insulated versions
  • Single Hole Side Jaw Clips
  • Adjustable Side Jaw Clips
  • Rocker Clips
  • SMJ Clips
  • MJ Clips and Rod
  Track Fasteners
  • Track Bolts
    • Frog & Switch Bolts
    • Hook Bolts
  • Track Spikes
    • Boat Spikes
    • Screw Spikes
    • Timber Drive Spikes
  • Lock Washers
  • Washer Head
  • Dome Head
Tie Plates, Single Shoulder Plates, Double Shoulder Plates
  Tie Plates
  • Double Shoulder Plates
  • Hook Twin Tie Plates
  • Turnout Pocket Plates
Protective Devices such as Derails, Rerailers, Switch Point Protectors
  • Model HB Derail & Stand
  • Model EB Derail & Blue Flag
  • Model TS Portable Derail
  • Model DW
  • Model SW
  • Model CW
  Wheel Stops
  • Model SF Cushioned Type
  • Model SG
  • Model CS-2 Self-Tightening Type
  Bumping Posts
  Switch Point Protectors
  Wheel Chocks
  Blue Flags
  • Permanent Blue Flag Model BFH Fold Down Flush Ground Level
  • Portable Blue Flag Model RBF & RBFL
Miscellaneous Track Components
  Gage Rods - available in Insulated & Non-Insulated versions
  • Double Jaw
  • Insulated Double Jaw
  • Single Jaw
  • Single Hole Side Jaw
  • Adjustable Side Jaw
  • Rocker
  • SMJ
  • MJ
  • Other special rods on request
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