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Track Components, Rail and OTM

UNITRAC manufactures and sells high-quality materials needed for railroad projects. Our commitment to supplying a diverse product line to meet industry and specification requirements allows us to be a single source provider of quality rail materials. Our extensive inventory line is backed by a national distribution network and sales facilities strategically located throughout the country. This allows us to respond more efficiently to reduce lead times and meet your delivery needs.

Download the complete Track Components Section (PDF)

  New and Relay Rail
  • 60-lb. A.S.C.E. Rail
  • 85-lb. A.S.C.E. Rail
  • 100-lb. AREMA Rail
  • 100-lb A.R.A.- A. Rail
  • 100-lb. RB Rail
  • 115-lb. AREMA Rail
  • 132-lb. AREMA Rail
  • 136-lb. AREMA Rail
  • 140-lb. AREMA Rail
Transition Rails

Undercut Stock Rails

Guard Rails
  • U69 Guard Rails
  • Tee-Rail per AREMA 504
  • Hook Flange Guard Rails
    • Design 750
    • Design 751
    • Design 752
  • Switch Guard Rails
    • Model 755
    • Model 755-G
    • Model FM
Insulated Rail Joints
Relay Ties and New Ties
  • New & Relay Ties
  • Switch Ties
  • Steel Ties
    • T-4
    • T-5
    • T-6
    • T-9
  • Landscape Ties
  • Tie Plugs
Track Bar Joints
  Track Bars & Joints
  • Angle Bars
  • Joint Bars
  • Bridge Spacer Bars
  • Compromise Joint Bars
  • Insulated Joints
  • Factory Bonded Joints
  • Bridge Expansion Joints
Track Fasteners
  Rail Anchors
  • Channel Lock Drive
  • Unit Drive on
  • Unit Snap on
  Rail Clips - available in Insulated & Non-Insulated versions
  • Single Hole Side Jaw Clips
  • Adjustable Side Jaw Clips
  • Rocker Clips
  • SMJ Clips
  • MJ Clips and Rod
  Track Fasteners
  • Track Bolts
    • Frog & Switch Bolts
    • Hook Bolts
  • Track Spikes
    • Boat Spikes
    • Screw Spikes
    • Timber Drive Spikes
  • Lock Washers
  • Washer Head
  • Dome Head
Tie Plates, Single Shoulder Plates, Double Shoulder Plates
  Tie Plates
  • Single Shoulder Plates
  • Double Shoulder Plates
  • Hook Twin Tie Plates
  • Turnout Pocket Plates
Protective Devices such as Derails, Rerailers, Switch Point Protectors
  • Model HB Derail & Stand
  • Model EB Derail & Blue Flag
  • Model TS Portable Derail
  • Model DW
  • Model SW
  • Model CW
  Wheel Stops
  • Model SF Cushioned Type
  • Model SG
  • Model CS-2 Self-Tightening Type
  Bumping Posts
  Switch Point Protectors
  Wheel Chocks
  Blue Flags
  • Permanent Blue Flag Model BFH Fold Down Flush Ground Level
  • Portable Blue Flag Model RBF & RBFL
Miscellaneous Track Components
  Gage Rods - available in Insulated & Non-Insulated versions
  • Double Jaw
  • Insulated Double Jaw
  • Single Jaw
  • Single Hole Side Jaw
  • Adjustable Side Jaw
  • Rocker
  • SMJ
  • MJ
  • Other special rods on request
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